Employee Tracking

ClockIt time and attendance software enables you to track employees using our iOS and Android apps. Our mobile apps allows you to track employees route, path and assign routes to them. ClockIt allows you to capture route completion status by each employee.

GPS Tracking

Monitor the movement of your employees and vehicle fleet with

our android app in realtime.

Realtime Tracking

Realtime tracking of your employees time and attendance who are on the move all the time.

ClockIt Mobile Apps

ClockIt applications for iOS and Android that work both online and offline to capture time and attendance and GPS location of employees.

Route Mapping

Route map and checkins to trace movement of employees and checkin in locations with Google Maps and Street View.

Route Planner

Plan all routes that your employees have to take before they happen. Save time and gas at the same time.

Assign Routes

Assign planned routes to employees. Plan assignments in realtime when field employees are free.

Track Completion

Track the completion of the assigned routes as they happen in realtime. Let employees update route completion.

clockit android employee tracking app

Track Employees in Realtime

With ClockIt you can track employees position in realtime with our iOS and Android apps. Our apps are built keeping in mind battery optimisation and efficiency to ensure that employees can get though a full day.

Track employees in realtime with route tracing and in progress routes.

Checkin into locations with photos and description.

Tight integration with time and attendance modules so that all the hard work is done by ClockIt for payroll.

Route Planner

ClockIt’s route planner module helps you to define routes for all your employees. Once a route has been assigned, employees can checkin into allocated locations.

Create as many routes as you wish and assign them to employees using the built in calendar.

Track progress of each assigned route such as completion, checkins etc fully colour coded on the route calendar.

Set minimum distance and gps signal accuracy for each route to avoid error checkins without physically being present at location.


ClockIt uses the tracking information and tightly integrates this with our time and attendance modules. So you can run reports to see total work duration for the clocked in time and verify checkins before payroll. ClockIt only monitors when users are clocked in!

Punch In and Punch Out only while working. ClockIt automatically calculates work duration and does not monitor when punched out.

Keep track of your employees travel and all data gets saved on our calendar for future reference.

Use dynamic reports to run complex query reports and gather data that is important for payroll.