ClockIt Features

ClockIt time and attendance software has been built form the ground up to solve most of the problems faced in a small and medium business. Our strong reporting and analytics helps you to manage your workforce with ease. Our proprietary Time Engine Algorithms send out automated notifications to ensure you have smooth day to day operations. These are just some of the awesome features we have made for you.

ClockIt Dashboards

Time And Attendance


Manage all your time and attendance requirements with one tool.

Anywhere Access

ClockIt is cloud based. This means that you can access our tools from anywhere via mobile or a web browser.


ClockIt supports over 900 biometric time and attendance models.

Web Punch

Use the ClockIt web portal to allow employees to punch. Especially useful for Work From Home.


Time Performance Index and Process Error. The only two metrics you need to get time and attendance right.


Search for all your employees data with just one click across all your business locations in one central dashboard.

Visual Graphs

Get accurate time and attendance information visually with graphs and drill downs.

Document Management

Manage all your employees documents, safely and securely. With data centralised you have access within seconds.

Free Updates

All customers get free updates to all the new features that we release every 30 days.


Groups, permissions and roles are built right into ClockIt to configure any complex organization structure.

GPS Tracking


Monitor the movement of your employees and vehicle fleet with

our android app in realtime.

Realtime Tracking

Realtime tracking of your employees time and attendance who are on the move all the time.

ClockIt Android App

ClockIt android application that works both online and offline to capture time and attendance and GPS location of employees.

Route Mapping

Route map and checkins to trace movement of employees and checkin in locations with Google Maps and Street View.

Route Planner

Plan all routes that your employees have to take before they happen. Save time and gas at the same time.

Assign Routes

Assign planned routes to employees. Plan assignments in realtime when field employees are free.

Track Completion

Track the completion of the assigned routes as they happen in realtime. Let employees update route completion.

clockit android employee tracking app

Ticketing and Support


With ClockIt every employee can become a part of the support for your organisation.

Our simple ticketing tool is designed to simply work. Support and Ticketing is now social.

Support Groups

Form support groups within your company that anyone can join. Support is now social.

Status and Audits

Employees are always aware of the ticket status and have clear audit trails to know what is the update on the issue.

Support Dashbaord

One dashboard for the entire team to close tickets faster. See ticket status and support department wise updates.

Leave Management


Managing employees leaves can become very difficult as your company grows.

Let ClockIt simplify your process.

Leave Types

Configure as many leaves as you wish as per your company policy including approved holidays.


ClockIt notifies your team and asks the reporting manager for approvals. Let ClockIt do all the hard work.

Leave Calendar

Shared calendars allows your team to know who is on leave when and work smarter.

Leave Emails

ClockIt smartly sends out leave emails to both the employee on leave, teams and managers to keep them updated on who is on leave.

Leave Planner

Employee have access to their leave balance and upcoming holidays to plan their leaves better.

Leave Status

Employees can track the status of their leave requests for approval and rejections along with past requests.

Business Travel Requests

Manage all your business travel requests on ClockIt. ClockIt helps manage historic requests and keeps all records neat and tidy.

Travel Approvals

All business travel requests can be managed on one manager dashboard. Managers can easily approve or reject requests.

Travel Calendar

Maintain one common calendar to know who is travelling and when. Use this data in our powerful reporting.

clockit time and attendance manager dashboard

Manager Dashboard


The manager dashboard is the one central place where a manager and see all information about his or her team. This makes it easy for approvals on leaves, business travel, team performance etc.

Team Management

Manage your entire team at one central place. No more emails all over the place. Get all the right information at the right place and time.


Focus only on your team and its data. This ensures that you are contributing to bring up processes for your entire company.


As a team, everyone is aware of who is on leave, who is travelling on business and contact information for your entire team.

Workforce Automation


ClockIt’s algorithms crunches your daily data and sends out emails to all employees, managers and admins.

This is the one of the most powerful features of ClockIt.

Automated Emails

Daily, Weekly and Monthly configurable emails to employees, managers and admins is the most powerful feature of ClockIt.


Let employees compete to master time and attendance to perfection. See results within weeks of implementation.

Visual Graphs

Detailed user profile with analytics helps employee get better on time and attendance, leaves and reporting.

clockit time and attendance reports



ClockIt’sĀ features are backed with rock solid reposts to support your

day to day activities. You can create custom filters and segment users. You can create more than 10,000 unique reports depending on your needs.

Powerful Filters

Select from more than 23 filters and create custom business logic for reporting.


Create and segment users to easily pull reports. Segments can be easily managed to suit your business needs.

Real Time

Reports are fully dynamic and change depending on the filters your specify. Means you have more actionable reports.

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