clockit faq


Is ClockIt compatible with my time and attendance device?

ClockIt is designed to be compatible with more than 900 device models available in the market today. Follow our two-minute guide to find out if your device is compatible on ClockIt Support

Can I try ClockIt before I make my decision?

ClockIt is available for a 30 day trial. During this time you can give ClockIt a spin. ClockIt is designed to work alongside your existing software. During the trial we do not ask you for any credit card information. These 30 days are completely on us. You get access to all the features for unlimited users. Once you are convinced you can pick a plan and sign up for our paid service.

What supporting infrastructure do I need to have?

ClockIt works by communicating with your device via the internet. So you would need a working internet connection and your device to be connected via LAN. You would need to keep your internet and your time and attendance device on at all times.

 I am already using a software, how can I switch to ClockIt?

ClockIt is designed to work alongside your other software. You can use both software together. Follow our getting started guide at ClockIt Support to get started and experience our platform. Once you are satisfied with the package you can simply continue using ClockIt.

How do I get in touch with support?

We have an in house customer support team. Simply log in a ticket and we would revert back to you. Our online knowledge base and community support is an awesome resource for you to get self help on simple tasks.

 Do I need a static IP?

No ClockIt can work with dynamic IP’s as well. You would need to configure your router to work with one of the dynamic domain IP providers such as DynDns or NO-IP. You can choose a provider that is supported by your internet router.

Do I need to change my current device?

ClockIt is designed to be compatible with more than 900 devices. So chances are that you would not need to change your device.

What type of punches can be recoded using ClockIt?

The punches depends on the device. Depending on the make and model you can have PIN, RFID, Biometric Fingerprint and Facial Recognition.


 Do my employees have to change they way they punch?

No, ClockIt works on alternate punches. Depending on the policies of your company. Employees can continue to punch as normal.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can! ClockIt allows you to easily switch platforms. Simply cancel the subscription from the accounts section and we will not bill you during the next cycle.

Will ClockIt work if I don’t have a biometric device?

Yes. ClockIt will work without a biometric device, your employees can clock time with the ClockIt Android Application and our web portal.