Employee Location Tracking

Mobile Apps

ClockIt can be accessed on both iOS and Android. Use the mobile apps to mark your attendance.

Realtime Tracking

Track your employees location in realtime. Know where your employees have been on any given day.

Route Tracing

Trace the route that your employee have travelled along. Use Google Street View to have more insights.


Allow employees to checkin with detailed description and photos while travelling.

Online & Offline

ClockIt does not need a full time internet connection. We sync data when internet is available.


Monitor employees with detailed reporting and visual calendars updated in real time.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android


ClockIt is designed to work from your mobile phone. Employees can use our mobile app to update their attendance and report their location when clocked in. Realtime timers update worked hours, break hours and total work duration. Employees can also look at previous days data with ease.

employee tracking mobile app

Online & Offline


ClockIt will work even if there is no internet connection. ClockIt mobile apps will save the data and sync with our servers when a working internet connection is available.



Employees can checkin into locations while travelling with detailed descriptions and photos. This allows employees and manages to be updated with the whereabouts of their team.