Employee Attendance Tracker


ClockIt time and attendance solution help you keep track of all your employees in your company using our Employee Attendance Tracker. This dashboard is available in the browser and your mobile so that you have access to information when you need it.

employee attendance tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker

The employee attendance tracker or attendance audit is a single dashboard to see the status of all your employees in your company. With the attendance audit, you can see the clock in clock out status for all your employees. This dashboard will also tell you where the clock in clock out originated from. With this dashboard available on both web and mobile, you can have real-time information when you need it. Our awesome filters can filter this data and only show you what is important to you.



See your employee attendance tracker in real-time as all your employee clock in and out. Having this information on mobile only means that you can catch the action as it happens in your company. Avoid paper trails and getting hands-on information only when requested for.

Punch Source


Know exactly how your employees are clocking in and clock out. Our attendance audits will tell you the source of the punch be it mobile, web, slack, kiosk or biometric. All punch types are color-coded with time stamps to make them super easy to read.

Punch Time


Every clock in clock out is color-coded and tagged with the type of punch. This makes it easy for you to read and can quickly glance over your employee attendance within seconds.



Our powerful filter on both we and mobile will allow you to filter your employee attendance audit based on the status and give you only the information that is important to you. This means as a manager or admin you know the exact attendance status for all your team members in seconds.

For Teams and Admins

The attendance audit is designed to work for teams and admins. As a reporting manager you can see the attendance audit for just your team and as an admin, you can see the attendance audit for the entire company. The Attendance Audit is based on groups and permissions and you can give access to groups of your choice.

employee attendance tracker


Use the status labels to easily see the exact status of your employee attendance. With status like IN, OUT, ABSENT etc you can easily identify which of your employees have clocked in and are absent. With easy color coding, you can easily get up to date real-time information right inside the mobile app and web.


ClockIt will also should you the time stamp along with the punches and where they originated from. If your company allows several ways for a user to clock in and out, this feature is bound to impress.



Available for both iOS and Android.

Wow, I updated the app and finally be able to see the report. Thank you Basil your app is awesome.


Information When You Need It.


With the employee attendance tracker, you are getting information in real-time within the ClockIt mobile app for all your employees within the company. ClockIt allows you to avoid paper trails and information is available within seconds as opposed to days. Our powerful filters ensure that you have the exact information when you need it and ensures that you have easy processes for time and attendance. ClockIt time and attendance solution makes the entire process of time and attendance fun and super simple.