Bring Your Own Device – BYOD


What devices are supported by ClockIt?

ClockIt supports any device that uses the ZKTECO board. This means that ClockIt will work with all biometric devices that are manufactured by ZKTECO.


My device looks similar to some models of ZKTECO.

ZKTECO is a manufacturer of biometric time and attendance devices and will customize the device for a vendor. They generally customize both the shell and the firmware of the device based on order volumes. Chances are you are already using a ZKTECO device but distributed by a vendor with a different brand name.


How is ZKTECO software different from ClockIt?

ClockIt time and attendance support several advanced features like holiday management, leaves and vacation management, payroll, advanced reporting etc. ZKTECO’s software is primarily run on a dedicated server where as ClockIt runs on the Cloud. ClockIt being cloud based, you get new feature releases much faster.

Where can I find ZKTECO device firmware?

We are currently trying to get hold of the firmware and host it here at ClockIt. As soon as we do, we will provide the download links here.


What are the advantages of buying the device from ClockIt?

ClockIt charges a premium for the devices since we take full responsibility for support and manufacturing defects on the device.  Should anything go wrong within a year of purchase, we would replace the device for free by sending you a new unit. To buy now click here.


Can I buy the device from Amazon?

Sure you can! But beware that we will not be able to support you should something go wrong with the device.