Time and Attendance – Made Easy

Time and Attendance – Made Easy

Detailed and accurate time and attendance management is an important function in any organization, and real-time or timely data is critical to ensure that payroll is processed quickly, labor regulations are complied with, and a company’s attendance and time-off policies are followed by all. Yet, tracking time spent on the job is among employees’ least favorite tasks.

If your organization still depends on manual time tracking methods for payroll and calculating leaves, you must be aware of the inefficiency and inaccuracy this causes. The key is to choose the best solution — one with the shortest transition time, and zero conversion issues.

1. Move away from manual tracking

Even if you have a small business with a small employee base, manually tracking time and attendance is highly inaccurate. As you scale your operations – in terms of employee base and locations, continuing to work on spreadsheets will still be slow and inefficient for seeking approvals, importing to other applications, and ensuring that everyone’s pay and time off are issued and accounted for correctly.

One of the difficult challenges of tracking and approving data about attendance are: getting the data on time; approving it; and ensuring that it can be processed for payroll. Getting all of this done manually becomes a challenge, and many organizations require multi-levels of approval before processing payroll.

2. Move to a cloud-based solution

A cloud-based platform means that your maintenance or upgrades is taken care of: you always have the most recent version of the platform, and all your data is available from anywhere on the cloud.

3. Makes administration and reporting easy

Using your attendance monitoring software should be easy and hassle-free, and it should be a big time-saver — to configure reports by specifying the data you need with a ‘click’!
4. Share your data easily with other applications
Capturing data in a dedicated time tracking software is only part of a solution’s value; sharing that data with other applications completes the picture.
5. Automate compliance with regulation

The most common cause of non-compliance is inaccurate record keeping which may also lead to payroll errors. The best time and attendance tracking software, in alliance with your company’s payroll system, can help reduce errors and avoid costly litigation arising from non-compliance.

7. Ensure safety and availability of your data

In traditional businesses, the organization is responsible for maintaining the system security. When you choose a cloud-based time and attendance tracking platform, you hand over the responsibility for safekeeping your data to us. Therefore, it’s extremely important that the dealer you choose provides you with the required combination of security, integrity, and availability.

Farzi Ahmed
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