How Attendance Monitoring Can Aid Employee Engagement

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How Attendance Monitoring Can Aid Employee Engagement

Time and attendance systems have always been viewed as something of a damper to employee engagement in the past; putting a fence between the employees and it’s management who monitor them thereby creating an atmosphere of mistrust among employees.

However, as these systems have evolved,  and today they bring with them a range of added benefits that actually reinforce a company’s employee engagement strategy.

It’s good to communicate

Imagine that you work in a setup where you have hundreds of workmen. It could be easy to think of yourself as a small gear in a large machine, unimportant and overlooked by management, who seldom communicate with you. In this kind of environment, it’s easy to see how employee disengagement can set in.

With the advent of smart applications available, employees are now able to do much more than just clock in. you can now communicate directly with them and improve their worker experience instead of merely asking them to clock in the hours.

Freedom at last!

With mobile clocking in using smartphones, employees can provide a constant interaction with a central office. This provides information about their location and working hours without physically being present.

A time and attendance software could provide a small company with the infrastructure they need to allow flexible working hours which administrative restraints couldn’t otherwise allow.

Self service is so convenient

In many companies, the leave system is still calculated manually by the administrative workers, who are often bombarded by requests from other employees to check their leave balance. Not only is this a lead to a lot of stress on staff resources, it’s also a big missed opportunity for employee empowerment.

Most modern time and attendance software offer employee self-service functionality, allowing staff members to make their own leave requests and view their own attendance records. This gives them more control, allowing them to view their work schedules and hours worked.

Being transparent is the ‘key’

In big companies, it’s very important for a workforce to perceive fairness and transparency across all levels of the business. This is known as ‘organizational integrity’, and again is a factor in employee engagement.

With a time and attendance system in place, there can be no more petty disagreements over any staff members arriving five minutes late, or leaving five minutes early. The records will clearly show if someone is taking advantage of the system, and this will be flagged.

Support structure

Although employee absence is a whole separate topic in itself, it also shares some common ground with engagement. A time and attendance software can have an absence management component, which allows certain KPIs in attendance to be monitored.

With ClockIt, one can reap the above benefits without any hassle! With our really simple installation process and an effective support team, attendance monitoring will no longer be painstaking and a cumbersome task.

Farzi Ahmed
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