Extend the value of your Time and Attendance Software with Business Analytics

ClockIt time and attendance

Extend the value of your Time and Attendance Software with Business Analytics

Business Analytics solutions help organizations to thrive by enabling them to discover new ways to optimize business operations and capture new business opportunities.

Through the use of our time and attendance analytic tools, you can collect massive amounts of data from your organization. Extrapolating valuable business analytics can help companies unleash the power of collective and advanced predictive analytics to all employees and managers – on any device or platform.

ClockIt delivers a comprehensive suite that let customers gain an unparalleled power to achieve operational excellence through employee time clock data capture. Our data repository helps your entire business thrive and grants business executives with access to sophisticated analytics that can integrate data from your current time and attendance hardware device.

So, whether your company has a single location or multiple sites across the globe, time and attendance business analytics can help you measure performance against defined key metrics. Through the use of ClockIt users can access reports; in PDF, Excel, and other data formats. The reporting tools allow users to view trends and drill down into detailed data from multiple sources, providing the flexibility and accuracy to quickly make fact-based decisions, and to analyze and share critical information.

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