Time & Attendance – Employer & Employee

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Time & Attendance – Employer & Employee

When it comes to time and attendance within a business there is a lot of time wastage, payroll mistakes, and misunderstandings; which result in unnecessary bad feelings between Employer and Employee. Ultimately unhappy work lives and potential dismissals and walk-outs!


Whether it is through human error or deliberate actions, these discrepancies can be avoided! Here at ClockIt, we have taken our own personal experiences along with feedback to design and develop a solution to making everyone’s working lives less stressful and more worthwhile. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than feeling like you have ‘slogged your guts out’ or ‘sacrificed your personal life’ all month to have discrepancies in your payslip, chase up and prove (attempt to prove) yourself, in order to receive the correct wages you are entitled to.

Using a time and attendance system has proven nothing but positive in all aspects of the payroll process within a company along with the benefits in other areas. Employees may look at the systems as a ‘Big Brother’ approach and be skeptical, maybe even feel it is an invasion of privacy. Well, of course, they will (at first)! So the employer’s objective is to prove this is not the case and be very open and honest as to way it is an overall benefit for both parties.

For companies that have ‘Mobile’ workforces with varied tasks for the day, it is hard to get into a routine or make mistakes in time and attendance. Having the stress of writing up tasks each week, then copying, altering, distributing to staff, signing, reading and recording, storage, filing, (The list goes on)! In addition to these basic ‘Must Do’s’, you have to take into account that people make mistakes or forget or misplace things sometimes!

Imagine if one of your ‘EMPLOYEE’S’ was constantly late, even if by 5 mins each time and you can guarantee there will be a debate about the exact start and end time of their shift… Every week! Or perhaps, Imagine your ‘EMPLOYER’ is struggling to keep on top of all of the paperwork and misses your overtime or a shift when it comes to logging the data from returned rotas sheets to payroll sheets! Another big one is being minute sensitive… How many times have you had your hours rounded off incorrectly??

See, just from those few paragraphs, you can see some obvious benefits to having a time and attendance software in place. Not even including the benefits of health and safety aspects; claims, accidents, and injury. If you think about what work has to be completed and time spent on these events, the impact it has on other important business commitments.

So just a few personal words from me… being an individual and not just a member of a flock, I definitely think it’s something to look at… especially when you’re offered a FREE TRIAL!! With no obligation, really personal and genuine help/customer support ASK YOURSELF…

“Why Do We Have To Make Lives Hard For Ourselves?”

Farzi Ahmed
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