Do you feel trapped with your current time and attendance software?

time and attendance software

Do you feel trapped with your current time and attendance software?

Organizations – big or small face many challenges, including; managing employees, keeping them productive and motivated, keeping cost low and increasing customer satisfaction. And, with all of this to manage, you are likely not thinking about the negative impact your current time and attendance software is having on your business.

Here are five ways, your current time and attendance software may be having a negative impact on your business:


1. Your company is losing money

If you are still working on calculating your current time and attendance manually, there is no doubt you are wasting money by having someone calculate employee time, vacations, statutory holidays and host of other things that could easily be automated. If you are using some ancient time and attendance software, you will, at some point, have to pay for new versions, not to forget the huge costs related annual maintenance and software bug fixes. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could have a software that did not include these ongoing costs?

2. Limited Choices

It is good to believe that the current time and attendance software you have works with the current scheme of things. Sometimes, the words “Don’t fix it, if it hasn’t broken yet” tend to be the last ones uttered before the system breaks down, or you come to the realization, that your system is unable to keep up with the pace of your business  growth.

3. Lack of Integration

Let’s say you have a mid-size company with 300 employees, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a time and attendance software that’s spontaneous? Moreover, your company cannot have an advantage of real-time analytic reporting if you are using an outdated time and attendance software. A 21st-century cloud-based time and attendance software connects to mobile devices and is available from anywhere, at any time helps your business further and provides greater efficiency.

4. Upgrading is easy

Upgrading to the new version of the current software you are using can sometimes cost the same as what you spent a few short years ago on a new time and attendance software. Also upgrading to a new time and attendance software will likely require stakeholders to ensure the current business requirements are met. In short order, that quick upgrade you were going to get, might end up lasting longer than you had planned for thereby causing a hindrance to your operations.

5. Customized System

If your current time and attendance system is customized, it can create problems with upgrading or its ability to adhere to bug fixes – more often than not, this can lead organizations to defer upgrades, sometimes indefinitely. Who wants to be stuck with a time and attendance software that is so heavily customized that it prevents a company from taking advantage of newer versions? With a cloud-based time and attendance, upgrades are built-in and takes place without interrupting your company’s business operations.

Deploying a best-in-class time and attendance software based on today’s technology enables businesses in various industries. ClockIt – a cloud-based time and attendance platform, provides real-time visibility,increase workforce productivity and gives you access to multiple levels of consolidated reporting and enterprise-wide Time Performance Indicators (TPIs), all displayed in real time, on dashboards and also reports.

Farzi Ahmed
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